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The Vintage Hippo Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Fast-fashion has ruined society both in social and environmental terms. In terms of the social aspect, people are becoming materialistic due to fast-fashion, and wasting resources as fast fashion is promoting a throwaway culture. This is how clothes become disposable commodities. Secondly, the planet and its environment is paying a heavy price as the textile industry is solely responsible for 10% of carbon emission and 20% of all water pollution from the industrial side.

So, our mission is to promote a slow fashion for the people and their environment that is not only sustainable but affordable as well. Our vintage and retro clothing business have a sustainable business model, where we not only care for our customers but for the environment too.

We have a quality process to select, wash, and clean clothes to ensure that you can enjoy the best experience of vintage and retro clothes. We keep the idea of modern style intact while preparing retro and vintage clothes for you having different styles such as the classic style with the essence of longevity and durability. In addition, all our postage material is eco-friendly.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become one of the leading Retro and Vintage Clothing businesses in the United Kingdom, using our passion and commitment to promote environmentally conscious fashion which is great for both people and the environment. We strive to be a sustainable business that works for the betterment of society by spreading awareness about used clothes and slow fashion. Our vision would help us to make this world a better and affordable place for all in terms of access to fashion with the essence of slow fashion.

Our Process:



All items of clothing are washed, steamed and pressed to maintain the highest cleanliness. We use DAZ professional washing powder to wash all items, however we also use other more pacific cleaners where needed. When we iron or steam, items of clothing, we use a fragranced iron water so every item smell as fresh as possible when they arrive at their new home.



All items are washed and checked in the first instance and then rechecked for any damage that may of bin missed on processing your order, this helps to create a quality control process, so you only receive the best items available.










Once an item sells, we dispatch all parcels with Royal Mail, second class, signed for, so your new items with be with you in just a few days. All parcels are sent in recycled packaging that can be recycled once again when you have finished with it.
















We use DAZ professional washing ingredients


  • 5-15% Anionic Surfactants.
  • Oxygen based Bleaching Agents.
  • <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants.
  • Phosphonates.
  • Polycarboxylates.
  • Zeolites.
  • Enzymes.
  • Optical Brighteners.


If we cannot use normal washing powder for stuff like puffer jackets and leather, we use other specialized cleaners.

We wash and clean all garments according to the manufacturer’s instructions where possible